Friday, September 1, 2017

Truth: Anti-trade Ideologists Caught Out

Wayne Sayles (Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire...) writes:
The Committee for Cultural Policy has pointed out on several past occasions that exaggerated media reports, of Islamic State (ISIS) income from the sale of looted antiquities to art and coin collecting communities, are and have from the start been unfounded. The persistence of outright lies has cast a cloud over the credibility of several major media outlets and their academic "experts" who fed the flame for what is obviously an ideological anti-trade agenda. In their August 2017 newsletter, the CCP presents a report on the findings of a Dutch National Police investigation that flatly debunks this supposed collusion. In all fairness, similar findings have been reported by respectable archeologists who value truth over public brainwashing—for what some believe to be the "greater good". Sadly, these laudable professionals have rarely been quoted and certainly are not heralded by their more radical peers. Who could ever have imagined that Cultural Property Nationalists would lead Archeology down such a destructive path?
This is a great contrast to the tenets of transparent honesty held by cultural property internationalists. We should do everything to promote these approaches by taking every opportunity to disseminate the truthful writings of representatives of this approach like Mr Sayles.

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