Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Priceless artiacts kept in dismal condition at Jaipur police station

Artifacts kept in dismal conditions 

An honest article about the fate of antiquities often times claimed by such source countries from US collectors… Some beautifully carved pieces of art works, similar to the ones displayed across museums across the world, chronicling different periods of India's rich history are kept in dismal condition at Jaipur police station (Deep Mukherjee 'Priceless artefacts kept in dismal condition at Jaipur police station Hindustan Times   Aug 24, 2017):
For the last decade, around 900 pieces of art works which are valued at an estimated amount of Rs.1,800 crore are kept locked in a godown of a police station in Jaipur, without any expert supervision and at a risk of getting damaged. The artefacts are predominantly from 2nd-12th century and are from various archaeological sites of the state such as Jhalawar, Kota and Udaipur, a senior police officer said. These artefacts are at the police station due to a long-running court case that hasn't decided their final fate yet. The antiquities are a part of the art works seized from the alleged antique thief, Vaman Ghiya, after he was arrested in 2003. "[...]  Ghiya was acquitted by the Rajasthan High Court in 2014 and since then the case is pending at the Supreme Court, resulting in a deadlock over the fate of the antiquities. The sight of the ancient statues of gods and goddesses scattered in the open at the Vidhyadhar Nagar police station in Jaipur is quite an unlikely one. Some of them are kept in the open with no roof over them, at the risk of getting damaged or weathered by constant exposure to rain and heat. There are no efforts by the authorities to get an expert opinion about their current condition or to preserve them. Ironically, the police at present don't even have the key to the godown where the rest of the artifacts are kept. 

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