Saturday, July 30, 2016

Student finds 12th century Irish brooch on a Galway Beach

McKenna McFadden, an Irish American film and television major at New York University, is in Dublin for the summer with an NYU program. She was walking on the shore of Oney Island in Connemara in the west of Ireland this week when something sitting in the sand caught her eye. Little did she think it would be a rare artifact from the 12th century.[...]  The artifact, called a kite brooch because of its distinctive shape, is now with the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. The brooch, which would have been used to fasten a cloak or shawl, is one of only a few examples of its kind to ever be found in Ireland. 
Sheila Langan, 'American student finds 12th century Irish brooch on a Galway Beach' Irish Central July 28,2016

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