Monday, July 18, 2016

ACCG Test Case Continues

Respected coin dealer and commentator Dave Welsh comments (ACCG Test Case Continues):
"The lawsuit filed by the ACCG in its attempt to force legal review of anticollecting bureaucratic fiats issued by the State Department's Cultural Heritage Center continues, despite evasion of the ACCG's effort to force public disclosure of behind-the-scenes, secret State Department collusion with the archaeology lobby and nations seeking US import restrictions.

The reader who would like to know the truth can find it clearly and accurately stated here: Cultural Property Observer: ACCG files Motion for Summary Judgment.

If anyone desires to be misled by comments based upon extreme bias, complete ignorance of US law and general misunderstanding of the issues at stake, falsehood can be found here: Portable Antiquity Collecting and Heritage Issues: ACCG Dealers Still Attempting to Drag Disreputable Numismata Case Through the Courts "
I cannot see why anyone would want to be misled. The text by Mr Tompa seems to cover all the points. It seems this time we cannot lose - and it we do it will expose the corruption within the establishment.

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