Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wayne Sayles Hounded

Wayne Sayles, indefatigable defender of collector rights has become inurred to sarcasm and ridicule through many years of being an archeoblogger target. It seems that the archeologists with an ax to grind over collecting do not like the truth being told and some of them get very nasty. Over the past few days one of them, whose name I will not dignify with the publicity, took offense at Mr Sayles pointing out the less savory parallels of archeological radicalism with other types and targeted the respected dealer on his blog, and blocked Mr Sayles from replying. Such are the methods of our opponents. In protest, Wayne Sayles published a text pointing out that "Truth is still important", Monday, February 09, 2015 - but announced:
I finally have had enough of the rancor and literal hatred that permeates the cultural property war online. I have tried every possible approach from entreaty to debate and cooperation to litigation. In the process, I've gotten older and more cynical but obviously not wiser. Long ago I should have ignored the archaeobloggers and trolls. Instead, I fell victim to them—wasting valuable time over pointless tit-for-tat, time than cannot be replaced. If I were the emperor, I would banish them all to Pandateria. But, I am not and this is not an internet war game. This is the last post that I will make with any mention of cultural property issues. I am removing all previous posts and starting a new day. The only posts on this blog henceforth will be about ancient coins themselves. My advocacy for private ownership and collecting of ancient coins has not abated, but my willingness to argue the case in this climate has. Everyone knows how I feel and that will not change—this blog will.
I think that is a great shame, but I think we can all look forward to what Mr Sayles has to say about the coins.

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