Saturday, February 14, 2015

Syria Let Collectors Preserve the Artifacts

British writer and publisher John Howland has a suggestion about what to with the reported hundreds of thousands of looted artifacts  currently stored in depots across Syria. These artefacts were, it is said, looted by ISIS artifact procurement teams and thus have 'have lost all contextual data surrounding them'. Apparently the radical cultural bureaucrats and archeologists with an ax to grind against collectors suggest laying these precious artifacts on the ground and 'have a bulldozer run over them'. Collectors everywhere should oppose this sort of treatment and roundly condemn such callous heritage vandalism. Mr Howland has the wisest solution for artifacts in the hands of ISIS fanatics and to prevent them falling into the equally destructive hands of the archeology fanatics:

Is it not a better option to welcome those artifacts onto the market where they will be preserved and cosseted in private collections and possibly museums?

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