Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Putting the Parthenon Marbles into perspective

An English collector has an interesting post "Putting the Parthenon Marbles into perspective".
I do not condone what Elgin did - his 'rescue' was undoubtedly not entirely altruistic, the legality of it was tenuous, and his methods caused horrendous damage to the remaining structure - but it is perhaps unfair to judge him by the standards of today. We can only speculate on what would have happened to the sculptures if the French had got them instead or if they had remained. But if they had remained, as Mary Beard has noted: "Whatever Elgin's motives, there is no doubt at all that he saved his sculpture from worse damage." (Beard 2011) Meanwhile, the debate continues as to whether the sculptures should stay in London or now be returned to Athens ...
Thought-provoking, read more here...

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