Saturday, December 20, 2014

Playing it Straight, Telling the Truth

An English archeologist (archeo-blogger/activist/researcher/journalist) at the center of the anti-collector campaign  has sought fame (if not fortune) as respected DC lawyer and collector Peter Tompa says
based on a hyped claim that the terrorists of ISIS made $36 million from looted antiquities in one area of Syria alone. And when that claim fell apart?  Was it time to issue a retraction and an apology to those who were attacked for questioning the claim?  Of course not. Blogging is one thing, but we should all expect more from anyone who also purports to be a "researcher" and a "journalist' and the "news outlets" that publicized this false claim.
Mr Tompa's own widely read "Cultural Property Observer" champions the pursuit of the truth and the longstanding interests of collectors in the preservation, study, display and enjoyment of cultural artifacts opposing the radical "archaeology over all" perspective found in most blogs about cultural property issues. His Web page is a public resource for general information and opinion about cultural property issues, and collectors can be sure that it can be relied upon to present the whole truth about them.  

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