Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New York Art Dealer Attacked in Foreign Jail

A New York art dealer imprisoned in India without a trial for two years has now been attacked in prison by a murder suspect in Trichy Central Prison according to the Times of India .
Kapoor has been lodged in Trichy Central Prison after his arrest in Germany in 2016. Yuvaraj, who was lodged in the Vellore Central Prison, was shifted to Trichy Central Prison on March 1 over security reasons. According to prison sources, the duo engaged in a scuffle when Yuvraj questioned Kapoor of wasting water. Kapoor was washing his cloths using water from a common tap. Yuvraj asked him to close the tap and not to waste water. But Kapoor refused to do so and asked Yuvraj to mind his own business. After a brief altercation, Yuvraj started slapping Kapoor. Prison guards came to Kapoor’s rescue hearing his cries. 
Beaten up for washing his clothes? The US authorities should be doing everything they can to end the captivity of this reputable dealer in inhumane conditions and bring Mr Kapoor home.

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