Monday, August 7, 2017

U.S. Govt.Approach to Collectors Drives History Underground

An article about the notorious "gottcha" anti-collector campaigner Christos Tsirogiannis( Tasos Kokkinidis, "Meet the Greek Archaeologist Chasing Looted Antiquities but Shunned by Greece" Greek Reporter Aug 4, 2017)....
Christos Tsirogiannis, a Greek forensic archaeologist who had discovered and reported numerous cases of looted ancient artefacts in Greece and abroad, speaks of his disappointment that his beloved country has “zero cooperation” with him. In an exclusive interview with the Greek Reporter, Tsirogiannis says that he has been sending information to the Greek authorities regarding looted ancient art works, asking nothing in return, but gets no reply, or acknowledgment.
James McAndrew‏ @ArtTradeSolution comments: "Tsirogiannis can rescue 500 antiquities in collections. Meanwhile 1 million more go underground. Short sighted!" he says our State Dept. Should insist that Italy make public the Medici and Becchina archives to stop thse "gottcha" attacks on the trade. By not insisting on this, the State Dept. fails to protect the U.S. Market. This is wrong! By its failure to protect U.S. Antiquity collectors, the U.S. Govt. failure to  drives history underground.

see also: Melanie Gerlis, 'Calls to open looted-art archives grow louder Museums and the trade want to put an end to the Catch-22 situation with Medici and Becchina ' Art newspaper 2 June 2015.

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