Sunday, October 9, 2016

Collector Targeted: Historical Artifacts Stolen in UK

With all the rancorous hate spread by archeologists about collectors, it is not surprising that they and the objects they preserve and display are being targeted by thieves:
Ancient Egyptian artefacts, historical swords, daggers, spears and arrows have been stolen from an 18th Century mansion in East Lothian. Items from a rare historical collection were taken from Biel House in Stenton some time between 16:00 on Tuesday and 09:00 on Wednesday. They are worth a four-figure sum of money. Police Scotland have appealed for witnesses. PC Karen Hamilton said: “These artefacts have been in the museum at Biel House for many years and we are keen to make sure these are returned to where they belong.”
BBC News: 'Historical artefacts stolen from mansion in East Lothian' BBC 6 October 2016

Lothian is part of Scottland.  The house itself is described here.

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