Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Archaeological Snobs Criticize Significant Reported Find

The metal detectorists filled a whole bag with coins and still the skeptics moan
The recent Lenborough hoard discovery in England has the archeological anti-collecting schemers all riled up. They rant and moan about how it was recovered (despite there being a member of the British Museum's FLO present to make sure it was done carefully and they got all the coins). They moan about what "damage" was caused by digging a small hole down to the find and how "everything of importance is gone" now the hoard has been dug out - safe from the reach of the plow.
Well of course. I mean now that this small, six by six area was disturbed, no reason to follow-up with any additional digging is there? Yep, probably better this hoard, like all the others found by detectorists, was left in the ground for that archeological dig that was surely going to take place someday in the not too distant future?
See also Peter Tompa on the same fuss and how it is due to the 'professional' jealousy, snobbish attiitudes and ingrained hatred towards personal liberty harbored by certain archeologists. It may be suggested that they are not so much concerned about the find itself (archeologists do not care much for coins except for dating sites) but about the excellent pro-collecting publicity that accompanies such momentous numismatic events.

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